Month: March 2021

Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations paid a visit

On the 10th of November, 2020 Hajiya Amina J. Mohammed the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations paid a visit to GCC Girls’ Academy. Though the visit was a short one, but very memorable.  She said that she’s strongly inspired by the student’s zeal and commitment in trying to achieve their educational goals. She encouraged them to take their studies serious and promised to present their issues in New York before the United Nations Congress. The students were very happy to see her and in their welcome song promised to be like her as they look up to her as their role model.

Deputy Secretary General of UN urged the girls to read hard and be respectful to their teachers and assured them if they do that, they could all be better than her.

- Amina J. Mohammed

One-day sensitization workshop for teachers

On the 27TH February 2021, a one-day sensitization workshop for teachers of GCC Girls Academy was held. It was organized by Girl Child Concerns and Ilmu Ka’ande Consult Ltd. During the workshop many papers were presented. Prof. Kadiri Dugje presented two papers, one was on ‘The Concept of Teaching and Learning’ and the other was on ‘Classroom Management Techniques’. Then Mal. Ibrahim M. Askira presented papers on ‘Lesson Preparation, Planning and Delivery’ and also ‘Participatory Methods of Teaching’, and finally Dr. E. Omo presented a paper on ‘Records and Records Keeping’.

The workshop was quite interesting and very educative. Certificates were presented to all the participants. The participants included the old and new staff of the Girls Academy. It was indeed a wonderful event and was enjoyed by all the GCC Academy staff and students.  

Throw pillows, earrings, and bracelets

More skills being taught to the girls were the making of Throw Pillows, Earrings and Bracelets. They can now do all these things on their own. These items are well made and ready for market, so these products are being showcased for sales. There have been online adverts placed on these items as well as open market adverts.  People are already making orders and have started putting their requests for the items. The training for these goods and items to the girls is being done by Aisha Gwary. Examples of these goods are also seen in the pictures displayed. 

Help fund a department for a particular period of time by providing resources to run the department

Skills acquisition training

Training of skills is also a big part of the GCC Girls’ Academy goals. We believe in making our girls to be productive and learn to keep busy and self-reliant after school. Therefore, these girls are being trained on the making of liquid soap, Izal disinfectant and Vaseline. The training of these items was conducted by Hajiya Aishatu Muhammad Biu. Now our girls can do all of the above by themselves. Examples of these products can be seen in the pictures displayed


Liquid soap

Izal disinfectant

Making of Vaseline
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Help fund a department for a particular period of time by providing resources to run the department.

Together, we can educate the girl child. Over the years GCC as an organization has trained girls across Northern part of Nigeria in education and livelihoods skills but there are so many more vulnerable girls in the IDP camps and across the Country who need support.

Tree Planting

Tree planting at GCC Girls’ Academy Maiduguri

The tree planting is an annual event. The day is being marked and celebrated all over the country. Therefore, this event is celebrated in Maiduguri by the Borno State Government. GCC Girls Academy therefore marked this event in line with the Government on the 10th October 2020. The chairperson of GCC Dr. Mairo Mandara was in the lead as she felt the Girls’ Academy should be a part of it, hence they planted trees in the school compound to compliment the government effort and add beauty to the school environment.


 A lot of dignitaries from the community came to the school to celebrate Tree Planting with the Academy. NTA and BRTV also graced the occasion. Trees crops of mangos and oranges were bought for the Girls to plant. Animal dungs was also used as natural fertilizer and manure to enhance the soil as they planted.

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