Tree Planting

Tree planting at GCC Girls’ Academy Maiduguri

The tree planting is an annual event. The day is being marked and celebrated all over the country. Therefore, this event is celebrated in Maiduguri by the Borno State Government. GCC Girls Academy therefore marked this event in line with the Government on the 10th October 2020. The chairperson of GCC Dr. Mairo Mandara was in the lead as she felt the Girls’ Academy should be a part of it, hence they planted trees in the school compound to compliment the government effort and add beauty to the school environment.


 A lot of dignitaries from the community came to the school to celebrate Tree Planting with the Academy. NTA and BRTV also graced the occasion. Trees crops of mangos and oranges were bought for the Girls to plant. Animal dungs was also used as natural fertilizer and manure to enhance the soil as they planted.

Tree Planting
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