Our curriculum

Our Curriculum

Year 1 (Foundation year)

This year is crucial for easing the girls back into a formal learning environment after having lost many years fleeing the insurgency. They get strong psychosocial support and learn the following core subjects:

The Girls were deprived of going to school for years, as such to put them under the normal curriculum will be difficult for them to comprehend. Some went to school and some didn’t go at all.  For a start the students were subjected on how to read, write, count and other certain values. They were taught English, Maths, Civic Education and Computer (ICT) lessons. This will assist those that have started school before the insurgency to easily pickup on their studies. By the time they all pickup on their studies the full National Curriculum will now be adopted and carried on. This includes an addition of the following subjects;

Information Technology
Civic Education
Livelihood Skills
Years 2-7 (Form 1-6)

The students go through the standard Nigerian and West African curriculum and sit the board exams. The psychosocial support continues where they adopt strong social values and responsibilities as well as relevant entrepreneurial skills including sewing, soap making etc.  

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