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What a dissertation takes

Writing a dissertation means going through multiple stages.
With us, all these steps are easy to take.

Step-by-step approach

We complete your dissertation section-by-section and submit each part for your approval. That way, you have full control over the writing process.

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Personal manager

For large-scale projects like dissertations, we give you a personal manager to solve minor issues and make sure everything goes as planned.

Individual plan

We create a personal delivery plan to ensure that all parts of your paper arrive according to your schedule and you have enough time to approve it.

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Use this option if you need:
  • a topic and statement
  • a proposal
  • a full dissertation text
  • a defence presentation
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From proposal to degree

If you have a topic and proposal, we can give you:
  • a full dissertation text
  • a defence presentation
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From draft to perfection

For your draft, you can get:
  • revision/editing
  • ENL proofreading
  • extra chapters
  • a defence presentation
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How our dissertation service works

Check out the main steps to completing your dissertation from scratch.

Literature review
Dissertation body
Writing and sending you
the first draft
Checking your feedback
and editing the draft
Submitting the chapter
for your approval
Just like that, your dissertation is done!

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We protect your personal information and never disclose it publicly.

Free edits

You can revise each chapter and have your expert make the necessary corrections.

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Have all the dissertation parts and chapters in one place and manage them effectively.

Payment plan

Your manager will ensure that you can pay in installments, when it’s the most convenient.

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They provide dissertation help online

Meet some of our best experts who are always there for you no matter how hard your dissertation may appear:

Jeremy Bambarly
Jeremy Bambarly Experience 7 years
Barbara Stoltey
Barbara Stoltey Experience 3.5 years
Margaret Stephens, MA
Margaret Stephens, MA Experience 5 years
Brian Wellbore, Ph.D.
Brian Wellbore, Ph.D. Experience 9 years
Jeremy Bambarly
Jeremy Bambarly
98% (874 reviews)

After getting his degree in Sociology, Jeremy has joined our team to help students learn better.

Dissertations written: 51

Total pages written: 10,345

Barbara Stoltey
Barbara Stoltey
93% (501 reviews)

If you’re studying English literature or history, Barbara will help you craft a splendid dissertation.

Dissertations written: 18

Total pages written: 4982

Margaret Stephens, MA
Margaret Stephens, MA
95% (722 reviews)

A pro in Economics and Finance, Margaret can save any paper you might consider hopeless.

Dissertations written: 32

Total pages written: 7908

Brian Wellbore, Ph.D.
Brian Wellbore, Ph.D.
95% (1331 reviews)

An advanced technical writer, Brian has a degree in Physics and helps write papers in STEM.

Dissertations written: 67

Total pages written: 13,658

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This is actually very helpful, my writer knew the subject better than me! I love the way they do things!
Mergers and Acquisitions in the Aviation Sector
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Very fast and convenient, I enjoy having a personal manager, too. Keep up the good work!
Competency of Nurses Working with Dementia Patients
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Love this “non-typical” feature, it makes a real difference, unlike some other resources I know.
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The Influence of Religion on Shaping the American and Arab Societies
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01 October 2022
They really knocked it out of the park with this step by step idea. I like that they actually LISTEN to me.
Time and Space in Ancient Literary Works
English literature

Professional dissertation writing service of your dreams

Dissertation writing is a complex process that always involves multiple factors. For example, you may think you’ve created a perfect proposal right until your advisor rejects it, saying it's not nearly good enough. Such situations can really put learners down, so it’s only natural to seek online dissertation help in similar scenarios.

According to one of our experts, “Writing big academic works is not only about coming up with great ideas, but also about formulating them in the right way.” There are so many academic standards you have to meet while completing your writing that custom dissertation writing services are actually becoming more and more popular.

A professional dissertation writer is someone who knows exactly how to create a statement or write an introduction to your paper. Our experts work with many academic styles, so rest assured that the formatting of your project will be impeccable. Should you need any help with writing a dissertation, place an order with CustomWritings. We always have a writer ready to work on your paper. Using our phd dissertation writing services is easy and convenient, so it’s no wonder that students trust our doctoral dissertation writing assistance.

How we provide custom dissertation writing services

We’ve decided to take our dissertation service to the next level, so the CustomWritings team is constantly working to offer you as many options as possible. For example, you can have your entire dissertation written by our specialists, have them add the missing chapters to your draft, or ask them to edit the finished text.

On top of that, we can tailor our custom dissertation writing service to any type of unusual project! All you need to do is notify us about how special your work is when placing an order and specify the detail

Safety is also among our top priorities. While we can’t promise you that all online dissertation writing services out there are safe to use, we always safeguard your personal data.

In short, CustomWritings is a site that’s about security, speed, and high quality. That’s why you can use our professional dissertation writing service without any hesitation.

Affordable dissertation writing services for all people and cases

Our company started with the idea of helping students who suffer from stress and homework overload. Seeing how many people came to our service for assistance and wrote grateful reviews was rewarding. We were glad to help people around the globe get such necessary help when they’re in a rush or provide pre-ordered assistance with a difficult task.

However, we understand that our help must go beyond academic essays, research papers, and other orders limited in length. Many of our writers and members of other parts of the team have degrees. All of them agreed that writing a thesis was stressful, and they’d gladly use a dissertation help service to save their nerves.

We clearly understand dissertation writing services USA and that international graduate students will require a slightly different approach than for an essay writing service. Our company has taken into account the specifics of the dissertation structure and the time it takes to create it.

In addition, we want our services to be customer-friendly. This means more than just a useful design, an understandable interface, and clear pricing. We also wanted to develop a variety of options so you can customize your order according to your needs. Hence, our dissertation writing service currently can offer you a few choices.

The first one is the fullest package. It includes a topic, a statement, a proposal, a dissertation text, and a defense presentation. You don’t have to worry about anything because we support and assist you on each step of your thesis. However, if you have already completed part of the work, want to save money, or feel confident enough to cope with some aspects without our help, we have other options.

If your topic is already formulated and the proposal and statement are finished, we can provide you with a dissertation text and a defense presentation only. If you have done the largest part by yourself but don’t feel the strength to polish it, we are also glad to help. Other options include proofreading, editing, extra chapters, and a defense presentation.

You might need help with PhD, master’s, or any other kind of dissertation. You may be at the beginning of your scientific journey or need of help at your last steps. In any case, we’re always here for you.

A few words about our experts

Whether you’re about to order full dissertation writing services or edit a few chapters, you must be sure that your work is in safe hands. We want you to know a little more about our writers to ensure we can help you in the best way.

  • 85+ disciplines

    Our team includes specialists in very different disciplines. Many of our writers also have degrees, including a PhD, so they know the specifics of working on a dissertation from their own experience. You can have the dissertation in any discipline and topic, and we still be able to find a qualified specialist to help you.

  • International team

    Our writers have very different nationalities. Some of them live in English-speaking countries, and others are citizens of non-speaking states. Our main requirements are proper writing and academic skills, and we see that people from different countries can meet them. Diversity is an important contemporary value, and it’s one of the values of our company. In addition, an international team is very effective for humanities. It allows topics related to a particular race or culture to be written by the people who belong to these cultures or races.

  • Quality control

    High-quality help is one of our top priorities because it allows our business to prosper. We know that the core of quality is in constant development and improvement. That’s the reason our writers work under the supervision of quality control specialists. They help our writers maintain a high quality of writing and find ways to develop their professional qualities.

Guarantees you have with us

When you use any new service, you want to be sure that you’ll get what you need for a good price. We want our customers to feel comfortable and safe, so we developed policies that protect your interests and guarantees you have when ordering our help. When you place your order, you can be 100% sure about:

  • Originality

    All our works are written from scratch. The exception is if you require us to include some text in your paper. Or if you choose the option “From draft to perfection.” In such a case, your writer will edit your text, not write it from scratch. In all other cases, you can be confident that the text you see is written from a blank page just for you. Or that it’s properly cited if a scientific source is used to support ideas in your dissertation.

  • Confidentiality

    We know how crucial privacy is in helping with such an important matter as a dissertation. We can assure you that your personal information will remain private and safe with us. We’re aware of the value of private data nowadays when information and client bases are worth so much. Our site’s security system is regularly updated to protect your personal information. In addition, we use only credible payment methods to ensure that our financial transactions are safe.

  • Free revisions

    Our writers always want to provide work that meets your instructions and requirements as fully as possible. However, people might have different views on the same things. We want each order to be perfect for its customer and guarantee free revisions when your requirements for changes meet the initial instructions for your order. In the case of a dissertation, it can be especially important for each chapter and section to agree with your ideas and vision. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that you can directly chat with your writer and agree on the details before each part of the work begins.

  • Refund policy

    The financial side is understandably significant for all customers. We’re aware of that and have developed a money-back guarantee for you to feel more confident while using our service. You can get more familiar with our refund policy. It considers the variety of cases in which you might want to get your money back and other options to solve problems that might appear. In any case, we want you to know that our policy supports your right to get a refund, and you can be calm when you trust us with your finances.

PhD, Bachelors, or Masters dissertation writing services: all options at one site

We know that challenges are different at each level of education. However, we’re familiar with their core and ready to help with any dissertation you can have trouble with. A bachelor’s or undergraduate dissertation is the most comprehensive work students face at the end of their bachelor’s degree. For years, professors taught students to represent ideas most laconically and not to exceed the word limit. It is hard to disagree with them because focusing on the topic is essential for properly written scientific works. However, a student can easily be confused when, after smaller essays and assignments, it’s necessary to write a large work. We’re glad to help in such a case by providing support on each step or polishing the final result to meet the highest requirements.

A master’s dissertation is more challenging because it requires independent research. It’s worth mentioning the core difference between a master’s thesis and a bachelor’s. The aim of an undergraduate dissertation is to demonstrate mastery of the author’s academic writing and analysis skills. The master’s dissertation, in contrast, has to show the author can conduct independent research. However, working on such a project for the first time, a student can feel lost or confused. And education exists not to confuse people but to help them gain the necessary knowledge and skills. If a student doesn’t have enough support from their professor or educational facility, we’re glad to give a helping hand and assist in writing a master’s thesis.

A PhD dissertation is the largest and the most complex work on this list. It requires the author to make a great effort to conduct deep and detailed research using a long list of sources. Writing a PhD dissertation at a proper level also requires the strong involvement of a research supervisor and often even consultation from several other specialists. The statistics of our latest dissertation writing services show that all three types of work are relevant for our customers and that the majority of them are highly satisfied with the help they receive.

Try our dissertation writing services and enjoy special features

💎 Extra Quality 100% satisfaction
📚 Any Complexity All academic levels
🎯 Progressive Delivery Part-by-part payment
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Frequently asked questions

If your question about the best dissertation writing service is not on the list, ask our helpful support assistants.

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Are dissertation writers for hire safe to use?

Yes! You can rest assured that we protect your data, including personal and payment information, from any theft, so you risk nothing by ordering from our online dissertation writing service.

How do I get custom dissertation services?

All you need to do is place an order. We are ready to help with dissertation writing in any discipline you need. For example, you can get a law or nursing scientific work. You can request a full dissertation along with a proposal and defense presentation or have your draft edited by our experts after choosing the right option and submitting your payment.

How soon can you send me custom dissertations?

Each dissertation is unique, so you can set the deadlines that correspond to your needs, no matter if your subject is finance or psychology. Our online dissertation writing service’s team always does everything they can to deliver every chapter within the deadline.

How do I choose the best online dissertation writer?

You can use our research paper writing service to find the best dissertation writer. We always find a suitable dissertation writer for each project based on that expert’s experience and education. We also recommend that you order the full dissertation at once and have the same reliable writer complete all its parts to get the best specialist for your project.

Can you write my dissertation without plagiarism?

Absolutely. If you ask our experts, “write my dissertation for me,” you get a 100% original paper. If you’re using CustomWritings Platinum, you will get a plagiarism report for free. However, even if you don’t pay any extra cost and use our regular service, you still get a unique dissertation of outstanding quality. At our dissertation writing company, someone is always ready to do a great job on your request.

How much do your dissertation writing services cost?

The price always depends on how many words you need and how soon you need them. If you're looking for cheap dissertation writing services, it’s always a good idea to order your dissertation in advance and get the longest deadline you can set, which will also mean the lowest price we can offer. You can also pay for PhD dissertation help in parts by choosing our progressive delivery option.

If your question about the best dissertation writing service is not on the list, ask our helpful support assistants.

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