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Even when your request, “Do my assignment now!” is complicated and the deadline is in less than 2 days, you will still get the solution right on time with our help. Here’s what we can do for you online:

  • Academic Writing

    Whether you need a simple essay, a lengthy research paper, a speech, or a creative piece, our top-level expert writers have got you covered.

  • Programming

    Python, C++, JavaScript, HTML—you name it! We can do assignments in these and many more coding languages!

  • Calculations

    If you need help with math, physics, chemistry, or engineering, we can solve any theoretical or practical problem for you!

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Asking top-level experts to do my assignment online

From among our 500+ STEM experts and academic writers, we always pick the best-matching specialist to work on your assignment.

Leila M. writer
Leila M.

MA in English literature and teaching, BA in Psychology

4 years of experience
569+ papers written
9.9/10 rating
Hire expert
Leila simply nailed the psychology essay I couldn’t handle for several days! I finally understand the key concept, thanks so much!!!
Jozeph S. writer
Jozeph S.

MS in Computer studies

5 years of experience
784+ tasks written
9.7/10 rating
Hire expert
I ordered several tasks of different sizes from Joseph and I can say he’s reliable. I know I can trust him with any tough code. Thanks, man.
Amanda L. writer
Amanda L.

BS in Mathematics

7 years of experience
963+ tasks written
9.8/10 rating
Hire expert
This is the first writer I ever hired and she’s GREAT. She solved a set of problems I needed so fast that I got it AN HOUR EARLIER. Great!
Rachel N. writer
Rachel N.

MA in Sociology

3 years of experience
321+ papers written
9.6/10 rating
Hire expert
God bless this lady, she nailed my Women’s & Gender Studies paper. I’m so happy I can use her insights to understand the complex topics!
Adeline R. writer
Adeline R.

MS in Computer engineering

2 years of experience
350+ tasks completed
9.9/10 rating
Hire expert
Working with this expert is great, she’s always nice and patient (I have non-typical instructions that can change). Thanks a lot!!!
Alexander P. writer
Alexander P.

MS in Applied mathematics

8 years of experience
1053+ tasks completed
9.9/10 rating
Hire expert
Alexander is great at dealing with extra tough tasks EXTRA fast, he’s really able to solve complex equations in a heartbeat!

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Non-Newtonian Fluids Flow in a Closed Conduit
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Control Statements - Repetition/Looping Structures
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Why Maxwell’s Equations and the Lorentz Force Are not Fully Invariant under a Galilean Transformation
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Write my assignment for me, please: Reasons to ask for help

Requesting help from CustomWritings is a step forward in stress revelation and a massive confidence boost. "Can someone do my assignment for me?" Before students ask for help, they face a specific situation that leads to challenges and seeking assistance. At our site, you will find compassion and understanding no matter why you came to us. Here are some situations that lead students to us:

Gaps in your knowledge

One of the most widespread reasons students request help with academic writing is needing more knowledge. Some disciplines might be among your favorites, and at the same time, other areas of study could seem unnecessary to learn. As a result, you know a lot about disciplines you like and lack basic knowledge in disciplines you don't. The way out of such a challenging situation is delegating complex tasks to our writers. We will easily handle writing, programming, calculations, and more tasks.

Stress and procrastination

Our specialists in college assignments often receive help requests from students who face academic stress and, as a result, procrastination. Stressing out can make it hard to deal with deadlines. Procrastination also leads to missing due dates. Moreover, prolonged stress often leads students to physical illness. To avoid all these unpleasant conditions, you can delegate some assignments to us.

Overload with many assignments

Not every student who writes to us, "Can I pay someone to do my assignments?" lacks knowledge. Among our clients are many students who can deal with any task, but the number of assignments they get is enormous. As a result, students can only manage some of their homework and seek professional assistance. If you are facing similar circumstances, you are not alone. Do not hesitate to ask us for help and delegate part of the assignments to our excellent experts.

Attending an internship or job

Students often combine studying with internships, where they gain practical knowledge. Some students attend a full-time or part-time job that allows them to pay for education or save money for the future. If college is not your only duty, it is clear that you will need help with homework. Our experts are here for you, waiting for orders so you will not have to make a tough choice between work responsibilities and assignments to complete.

Being a parent

If you are a student who has children, the tension you are experiencing is enormous. The daily routine of a parent can hardly be on schedule as life with kids becomes unpredictable yet bright. Of course, students with kids often require assistance with assignments. Ordering help will let you spend more time with family and take some rest.

Pay to do my assignment on academic writing

Creating academic papers could be challenging if you have minimal experience in writing. Our experts can cover written tasks in any discipline and deal with rare topics. Here are several types of academic writing assignments we can help you with:


An essay is a type of academic writing that expresses an author's original thoughts and ideas in a certain way. Students must understand the discipline and topic, have good writing skills, and generate innovative ideas and defend their statements to create a meaningful essay that will score a high grade.

Essays can be:

  • Persuasive
  • Descriptive
  • Explanatory
  • Compare & contrast
  • Narrative
  • Admission

Research paper

Research papers are longer than essays and aim to explain a certain subject from different angles. Research papers require strong analytical skills, and students must evaluate information from various sources. Research papers must follow a specific structure.

Capstone project

A capstone project is a type of academic writing that integrates and exposes the knowledge a student gains during the whole course or learning program. It is the quintessence of core information related to the course.

Literature review

Literature reviews are often a part of a dissertation or thesis. This type of academic writing presents a short summary of sources (books, magazines, scholarly articles) related to a specific subject or research question.

Thesis paper

This type of college paper is similar to a research paper. The main distinction of a thesis paper is that it must be written based on original research. Thesis papers usually summarize a master's program or the achievement of a bachelor's degree.


Such a voluminous project as a dissertation is a long-form paper presenting the original research's result. Usually, students submit dissertations to get a Ph.D. degree. Our skilled authors have enough experience and knowledge to write a dissertation on any discipline.

More aspects of our academic writing help

We have a team of skilled writers whose knowledge is enough to guarantee a high level of papers. Our team of experts comprises specialists with certificates, diplomas, and other documents that approve their knowledge.

We use correct formatting

Arranging academic papers is not easy, as an author should follow certain requirements for spacing, using specific fonts, and referencing. Our experts can write any academic writing. They have specific skills and knowledge that allow them to create effective structures and use proper format: MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, etc.

We follow academic standards

If students want to get a highly customized paper, they must take responsibility for providing us with complete information from the teacher's manuals. However, in some situations, students do not have all the instructions. For example, you may not know what structure to use or how to format a paper. In this case, our experts will use their experience and knowledge and apply standard formatting styles for this type of paper.

We research thoroughly

Each academic assignment you order at CustomWritings results from deep and patient research. Our experts know where to source data that will follow the specific criteria of actuality and trustworthiness. We use rare sources and paid databases. Our authors can easily access closed libraries with limited accessibility. You will always get papers with checked information about your case.

We structure each paper

Following a specific structure makes a paper readable and easy for readers to understand. Our experts are responsible for creating a strong and plain 'skeleton' of a paper. Moreover, this feature is included in each order free of charge for our customers. We work with specialists in creating academic papers who know the standards of outlining depending on the paper type.

We consider your vision

If students provide our experts with comprehensive instructions on writing a paper, we strictly follow these manuals. Our writers realize that some tasks must be highly customized, mainly when a student expresses a personal opinion related to the subject or case. Let us know what statements to include in the paper, what sources are obligatory to use, additional materials to consider, outline, format, and any other details.

We use a creative approach

Thinking outside the box and having a high level of creativity is what defines our authors and makes their papers stand out. Each task we take on will not be unique but will have a hint of creativity. Even a standard essay can become a masterpiece when an author approaches writing it creatively.

Help with assignments on programming

The college assignments we can cover include programming. Our specialists are proficient in various coding languages. "Can you do my university assignment on Java?" – point out the specifications of the task, and we will help you find an expert with certain skills. Among the coding areas of our competence are:

Citing codes

Our coding experts add citations to code. It is necessary to get detailed instructions from a student who orders help to confirm what to use in a specific programming assignment. For example, some coding tasks do not allow external code. It is crucial to cite sources properly if using code written by others is permitted. Each source must be clearly explained, not only with a URL to the original source. References to external code taken from the internet or tutorials must clarify where a student used it in the assignment.

Commenting on code

We work with experts who can not only write the correct code but also be able to comment on the program effectively. Any programming language allows you to add comments. Comments on code are specifically written in a way that does not let them be part of the program. The most effective way of using comments on codes is by providing an algorithm that contains certain steps to code a piece of functionality. These comments will allow you to complete the code without issues.

Hire someone to do my assignment on coding: areas we cover

Our experts are highly proficient in coding and can handle any task you send us.

Programming languages

Programming language is a system of notation that allows designers to write computer programs. Among the features of programming languages are variables, syntax, semantics, type system, and mechanisms for error handling. Gaining skills in programming is a goal of many students. The job market is full of offers for specialists in different programming languages:

  • Bash/Shell
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Kotlin
  • Python
  • C#
  • C++
  • Flutter
  • HTML & CSS
  • R
  • Ruby
  • SQL
  • Swift

Data Engineering

What is big data? In simple words, this data is too large for a typical modern computing system. It becomes challenging to process and analyze such large amounts of data, which leads to searching for ways to implement systems that increase computer power. Most PCs can process data with around 32 GB of random access memory. If the dataset to process becomes larger, there is a need to outsource resources.

Solutions for data engineering include several types of approaches:

  • Big data storage

    This solution assumes using a distributed file system on a cluster. Clusters are groups of computers (nodes) that connect to a single network. A cluster has a master node, which serves as a cluster manager. Other nodes are called worker nodes. All data in the storage is multiplication and commanded by the cluster manager. The benefit of the big data storage system is that worker nodes are independent, and if one of them goes offline, it does not harm the whole system. This data storage system also allows for the easy addition of new worker nodes in a network.

  • Object storage

    This type of data distribution has gained popularity because it allows separate storage from computing power. Object storage hosts objects on layers that are universal for any type of file in various formats.

  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

    This framework is often applied to a cluster system of data storage. This solution allows operating with data on worker nodes. Apache distributes the Hadoop Distributed File System as part of a set of tools, and it is designed for data storage using another framework called MapReduce. One of the specifications of HDFS is that it can be cloud-based, which allows companies to outsource the system instead of implementing it locally.

Web design

Web design is the process of creating specific elements on a website. This includes graphics, visuals, interactive elements, templates, user-friendly features, and more. Web design is crucial in developing any website and defines its successful launch and growth. Among the spheres that relate to web design are e-commerce, entertainment, advertising, and more.

Among the basic components of successful web design are:

  • Usability

    The website must be easy to access and navigate and friendly to all types of gadgets. Users must know where to find the information they need and how to access each page. Usability assumes that users understand where they are on the site and how to enter the specific section from this point. A high level of usability assumes that visitors to a website make minimum steps to access the required information.

  • Content

    A high level of content is crucial for quality website design. Content means all the materials users can access via the site. Articles, pictures, videos, news, and other types of content must attract visitors and make them return. High-class content is also a crucial element of effective SEO optimization.

  • Visibility

    A successful website is only possible to imagine with effective visibility campaigns. SEO optimization, social media activities, email marketing, and more digital marketing actions are helping to make the site easy to find.

  • Interaction

    The site must be interactive to engage visitors and hold their attention. The content must be useful and unique to increase visits and encourage visitors to contact a company, use their services, or buy goods.

  • Aesthetics

    Since most people are visual, attractive and impressive content is essential for a successful website. An effective web design should also reflect a business's brand book and help to connect with the target audience. An appealing website is a component of brand awareness and level of credibility.

Web development

Specialists in web development create code that enables the smooth functioning of websites. Among the basic tools for web development are:

  • JavaScript

    JavaScript is utilized mostly for front-end tasks but sometimes for back-end tasks as well. This tool allows the creation of interactive elements of the website, such as scrolling video jukeboxes and graphics elements.

  • API

    This tool is part of remote servers that process website users' requests. Using APIs helps increase the user experience.


    These two basic coding languages are often the first programming languages beginners learn. CSS is a tool for arranging the style of a website, while HTML is involved in completing tasks for structuring web pages.

  • PHP

    This tool is a highly accessible general scripting coding language that works on the server side and easily transforms into HTML if needed.

Machine learning

Machine learning includes the development of specific algorithms that allow computer systems to learn from data using artificial intelligence tools. Most machine learning models are written in Python, as it is the most common language for creating such systems, including prediction engines, image recognition algorithms, and more.

With machine learning, AI systems can adapt to solving problems, adapt knowledge, and solve other tasks.

  • Data compression

    The goal of data compression in machine learning is to minimize the size of files to speed up their transmission. The process includes specific stages that condense extensive data sets into a more compact set of representative points. Data compression includes feature selection, dimensionality reduction, and other techniques that help to clean data and save storage space.

  • Data mining

    The field of data mining focuses on defining the most useful information in large amounts of data. Data mining and machine learning both have a similar goal of analyzing a data set to get a better result, but the process is different for both. Machine learning, statistics, and artificial intelligence can be considered parts of data mining. Data mining focuses on discovering new data properties.

  • Statistics

    Statistics relates to machine learning as it often uses the same methods. The main distinguishing feature of statistics is its goal of drawing population inferences from a sample. Machine learning is often seen as the intersection of computer science, engineering, and statistics.

Help me do my assignment with calculations

We can help you to solve assignments related to any theoretical or practical problems in disciplines that require calculations.


We have a team of math experts who have specific skills:

  • They can solve any task, including operations with vectors, subtraction, and multiplication by a number.
  • They are specialists in drawing various geometrical figures and making all types of constructions on a plane.
  • They know the mechanism of expressing mathematical solutions and ideas in written form using specific symbols.
  • They know all mathematical formulas, theorems, and definitions.
  • They can solve algebraic problems with geometry methods and in reverse order.
  • They can construct graphs of functions and perform other operations with functions.


"Please, do my assignments online on physics." Ask our experts for help as they have extensive skills:

  • They are proficient in math as physics is tightly bound to mathematics.
  • They can conduct physical experiments and evaluate their results.
  • They are good at problem-solving and scientific reasoning. Their minds are trained to organize data and define attributes, allowing them to apply information to complex obstacles.
  • They have certain technical knowledge that includes knowing the principles of work of various machines, engines, and electronic devices from the scope of basic physical principles.
  • They have the skills to conduct effective reality checks to solve practical physical tasks.


Ordering help with chemistry assignments from us is a smart step as we work with excellent specialists:

  • They have sound math and science backgrounds.
  • They know the fundamental scientific principles of thermodynamics, chemical equations, and stoichiometry.
  • They can safely conduct scientific experiments, conduct calculations, and interpret the results.
  • They understand logical and abstract concepts and the comprehension between them.
  • They are good at observation, data analysis, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
  • They realize that chemistry is a cumulative discipline where each new block of information requires an understanding of previous ones.


Our experts have a set of skills that allows them to steer through complicated engineering assignments:

  • They can manage technical details. They understand the complex nature of each engineering task, with plenty of small aspects influencing the outcome.
  • They can present the solution for an engineering assignment.
  • They have strong technical skills developed during conducting countless engineering assignments.
  • They successfully apply statistical programs and other tools engineers use and easily deal with complex mathematical problems.
  • They easily adapt to new challenges and track the scope of actual engineering problems.

We work hard to help solve your assignment issues

Our team aims to improve the level of services we deliver to students. We know how vital it is for our clients to be confident when they get homework help. Our standards are high for everything, starting from the design and usability of our site and level of experts and finishing with reasonable rates and transparent conditions of cooperation.

Whenever you want to ask our specialists for help with calculations in any discipline, you can count on a professional approach to completing an assignment. Feel free to contact our team with any complex task.

Frequently asked questions

Who exactly will do my homework assignment?

We hire the best STEM experts and academic writers from all over the world to help do your homework assignment. Some of them are native English speakers, while others speak English fluently as their second language (ESL). Because these specialists work from different time zones and possess in-depth knowledge in one or many subjects, you can safely rely on them at any time. You can also directly communicate with your writer using your account on our website. That way, you can ensure the best outcome first-hand.

Can you really do my assignments for me?

Yes! After we do assignments for you, you can use the materials you get from us as samples for guidance and reference when you complete your own calculations or coding. We recommend ordering a new solution for each new task, since you need precise guidance when dealing with STEM subjects. With the stellar materials from our experts, you’ll be sure to understand your subject faster and learn more efficiently.

Will your company do my assignment for me cheap?

We do your assignments at some of the most affordable prices on the market, besides, we offer you discounts! Our flexible pricing can help you save extra money. The best way to do that is to ask us, “Do my assignment now!” in advance, since urgent orders cost more than those that give your expert more time.

Can you write my assignment ASAP?

Yes! We can finish your assignment in just 8 hours! Our assignment writing service values your time and respects your trust, so we never compromise on the quality level, making sure that you’ll receive an outstanding solution completed from scratch. Thus, you should know that you can always come to us for help, even when your deadline is already around the corner.

How much should I pay someone to do my assignment?

The sum you pay to do your assignment online depends on many factors, such as the size of your homework, its complexity, and the deadline. We don’t recommend altering any of these parameters except the time frame, since you need to provide precise information about your academic level to get the best outcome. As you can see, it’s really a good idea to buy assignment online, so don’t hesitate to do it!
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